Tips for Speeding Up a Slow Computer

Here are some tips to speed up a slow computer to make it function efficiently.

April 4, 2022

As you use your computer more, you might be noticing that it lags when it’s processing. This is to be expected; since as you install more programs, use more extensions and create more files, your cache fills up and your storage runs out of space. 

When your computer takes a long time to boot up, and then proceeds to run slowly, it’s enough to ruin your day. After all, more time spent waiting around for your computer to function is more time wasted, and in business, time is a precious resource.

Before running to your IT support team for help, there are some things you can do to speed up your computer. Here’s how.

Give your hard drive a break 

Don’t wait until your hard drive is at full capacity before cleaning up your files. A full hard drive leads to a slow-performing computer, since there will be no more space for the necessary temporary files when running operating programs. As such, the computer lags a lot. Avoid this by regularly emptying the recycle bin and clearing up the cache. If the files are important for the long-term, transfer them to another location. Even better, save your files in secure cloud storage. Research your options for VPS hosting in Australia where you can safely backup your data to minimise risks of data loss. 

Disable unnecessary add-ons

While browser extensions make your browsing experience better and more suited to your personal content preferences, they also eat up your processing power. Too many add-ons can cause your system to slow down. Check which add-ons you have currently installed and assess their level of importance. If you haven’t used an add-on for longer than three months, it’s time to remove it.

Limit the programs you run at once

Even computers designed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously have their limits. Make sure your RAM capacity can handle running through multiplied programs at the same time; otherwise, the computer will slow down or even get forced to shut down. This is especially true if you’re running programs that eat up a lot of processing power and generate a lot of temporary files.

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