What is a VPS and how can it help you keep your business data more securely?

Getting VPS or Virtual Private Servers can help your business as it contributes to running your websites and applications in the cloud. It also helps with the improved privacy and security of your files and databases.

July 6, 2022

When it comes to running the critical applications and websites of your business, you want to be guaranteed that you are getting the type of plan that aligns with your needs. You may want to consider getting VPS, or Virtual Private Servers, as you won’t need to worry about backups or server failures. Here are some ways VPS can help you and your business.

What is a VPS?

A VPS allows you to run the critical applications and websites of your business in the cloud. It uses technology to split one powerful server into multiple virtual servers. These systems get the specific share of resources of the physical server, but they cannot interfere with each other, so if one VPS experiences some issues, it has no effect on the others. 

Improved Privacy & Security

Virtual Private Servers provide a higher level of security than shared hosting because other than a physical server, it is split into multiple dedicated servers which means the user has its own space and privacy from other users, making your databases and files secure.


VPS is a cost-effective solution as it splits the sites across multiple servers, meaning you can access these at faster speeds and increased storage at affordable rates. Check out reliable VPS hosting in Australia so you can get started.  

Keep your peace of mind with a managed IT support plan from Australian IT Group. 

Australian IT Group are the experts in identifying and delivering flexible communications solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands. We also offer VPS hosting in Australia. With multiple data centre sites in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, you can rest assured your data is kept safe and onshore.

We at Australian IT Group understand the need for transportable and affordable IT services in Melbourne and surrounding areas. With our IT solutions, you can rest assured that your business is secure and has the necessary suite of tools to effectively protect your data.

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