So You've Been Hacked. Now What?

Businesses and enterprises face risks of data breaches daily. New security holes emerge as cybercriminals use even more sophisticated hacking methods that attack and steal sensitive company and client information.

February 4, 2022

Businesses and enterprises face risks of data breaches daily. New security holes emerge as cybercriminals use even more sophisticated hacking methods that attack and steal sensitive company and client information.

If you find that your business has been hacked, here are some practical steps that will help you deal with the situation.

Get The Relevant Details

Panicking won’t help you mitigate the data breach, so after calming down, make sure you have all the relevant information about the incident. Determine its scope and identify which specific systems have been targeted. Narrow down who is primarily affected by the attack. For instance: are the employees’ records exposed, or are the customers’ contact details leaked? Confirm the type of attack; was it done via malware or something else? Having all the facts at hand will help your IT support team in coming up with solutions.

Address The Damage

To prevent further damage, quarantine and isolate the infected networks and systems. There’s a chance that the ransomware or whichever tool was used to attack your network hasn’t made it to all the other business-critical systems. By immediately removing the affected applications or the source computer off the network, you can prevent the attack from spreading.

Determine what needs to be done to clean up and restore your systems. Of course, to do so, you need to have an existing backup of your data. It’s critical to always back up sensitive and important data to ensure business continuity.

Disclose The Breach To Stakeholders

Organisations are often judged based on how well they handle tense situations like data breaches. In such cases, an upfront approach is always the best choice. Reporting what has occurred to customers and business stakeholders helps avoid allegations of coverups. It also shows transparency, which helps in fostering trust. Aside from disclosing the breach, you should also be prepared to have a clear plan of action to assure stakeholders that you’re on top of the situation.

Notify Law Enforcement

Report the data breach to the local police department or the relevant agencies to have access to the necessary resources for dealing with the aftermath. They can help in investigating which individual or group was responsible for the attack, and can help bring them to justice.

Strengthen Your Systems

Update your systems and have an improved security plan in place. It’s a bitter reality to consider, but the breach can happen again. To prevent potential data losses in the future, identify the vulnerabilities in your current system and improve them. Can your systems handle an even bigger attack? How can you improve your chances against it?

Make sure there is an effective breach response team that could address such issues quickly. Revise your disaster recovery plan to reflect system changes. Also educate employees for better cybersecurity

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