Microsoft Teams: What Are The Benefits and How Can We Set You Up?

One of the ways in which a business can continue its operation, regardless of the physical locations of its staff, is through effective collaboration tools.

February 4, 2022

One of the ways in which a business can continue its operation, regardless of the physical locations of its staff, is through effective collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams is one such tool, a chat-based platform allowing colleagues to share their documents and conduct online meetings, among other functions. Whatever the size of your business, Microsoft Teams is a great option to improve your collaboration efforts, especially in remote working setups.

Here are some benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams in your organisation’s suite of IT solutions.

Real-Time Chats and Seamless Calls

Have a super quick question not worth the effort of composing an actual email? Microsoft Teams has a versatile chat feature that allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your colleagues. You can also attach files, voice call or video call right afterward, or schedule meetings without leaving the chat window.

Working offsite isn’t a problem either. Since Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based platform, you can use it on different data-enabled devices, from mobile phones to tablets and laptops. You can access their files and messages from anywhere.

Integration with MS Office 365

Microsoft Teams can be seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Suite, from OneDrive to Word and Excel. It’s easier to manage files and messages, and you won’t have to toggle between programs as you multitask. Microsoft Teams is basically your Swiss Army knife of office tools, packed in a single platform.

Efficient Meetings

Microsoft Teams syncs to your calendar and can suggest times in which your colleagues are free for a meeting. You can set up a private meeting or one allowing multiple users to join in, which is especially useful in brainstorming sessions. The dedicated Meeting tab has a record of past and scheduled meetings, and you can put in the agenda of each if needed. This allows you to quickly search the records for relevant information.

Meetings are hosted in a channel, so other team members can join in without needing a specific invite. If you don’t choose a channel to host it in, the meeting will automatically be private, with only invited members allowed to join in. There’s a screen-share feature for when you need to point out something on your own screen with the team. You can also share files and review them while the meeting is ongoing.

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