How to Protect Your Business from Phishing Scams

Phishing is one of the common cyberattacks and it happens when users lack security awareness. Find out how you can protect your business from these scams.

June 21, 2022

Phishing happens when there’s a social engineering attack and it steals your user data. It’s one of the most common challenges when it comes to security, and can be encountered by both companies and individuals alike. It’s crucial to ensure cybersecurity in your company to protect your assets as well as private data. Below are some ways you can prevent cybersecurity risks. 

Regular phishing security tests

Running regular phishing security tests is one strategy you can employ to avoid cybersecurity risks. This can be done by sending mock phishing emails or webpage links to your employees to observe how they respond to them. These phishing simulations can help your employees understand the different forms of phishing attacks, and how to identify their features. We’re here to help you monitor your employees’ phish-prone percentages and improve your IT security defence.   

Security awareness training campaigns

These campaigns boost your employees’ awareness when it comes to cybersecurity. The main focus of security awareness training campaigns is for your company’s culture to anchor on the importance of combating security issues such as phishing scams and how they can mitigate user risk. If this is done effectively, your employees will be proactive in applying the best practices for preventing cybersecurity attacks. With regular phishing security tests and security awareness training campaigns, you’ll see how your Human Firewall improves over time, helping to reduce risk and improve your IT security defence. Our IT support services can give you a comprehensive assessment through our cyber security health check. 

Protect your business reputation against cyber risks with the help of Australian IT Group. 

Australian IT Group has experts in identifying and delivering IT support managed solutions to suit your business demands. We can help protect your business by setting up reliable security measures and keeping your assets and data safe. We also provide managed IT support in Melbourne for improved IT performance.

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