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Tools like Office 365 for business will help you manage your team's tasks and collaborate with them efficiently. Apart from enhanced communication, read about the other benefits it can give you and your business.

June 9, 2022

Efficiency, collaboration, enhanced communication, and the ability to seamlessly manage the team’s tasks is essential in every business. Having the right tools, like Office 365 for business, will undeniably benefit your organisation. Here are some of the benefits of Office 365 and how we can help:

Cloud Storage 

One of the most convenient and efficient methods to store your data is to use cloud storage. Cloud storage makes it easier to access and retrieve your files across different devices, keeps your data secured through file encryption, remotely updates your files and is cost-efficient as it reduces the need for installing a storage device hardware in your office. Our IT services company can help you do your business better with Office 365, providing an integrated experience of apps and services with one terabyte of online storage.

Streamlined Collaboration

Office 365’s centralised tools like  Microsoft Teams, assists with your business’ collaboration needs as it allows you to organise meetings, chat and share files with your teammates. One of the best parts is that your business will continue to operate regardless of your employees’ physical location, and it will improve the communication and wellbeing across your workforce. Everyone can do their jobs effectively and get things done anytime, anywhere thanks to this streamlined collaboration technique. Our IT support in business can help you deliver flexible communication solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands.

Business Continuity

It’s essential that your business maintains its resilience, especially during disruptions in operations. Security issues such as cyberattacks and other forms of interruption costs time, money and can impact your company’s reputation. Because Office 365 stores data safely in the cloud and regularly backs it up, your business can run smoothly in case an unforeseeable outcome occurs. We can help you set it up with our Managed IT solutions, which can improve the performance of your IT systems and significantly reduce your IT problems.   

Get managed IT support services from Australian IT Group. 

Australian IT Group has experts in identifying and delivering flexible communications solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands. We can help in incorporating the platform into your IT strategy, helping along a seamless transition process so that you can enjoy improved communication as soon as possible.

We also offer VPS hosting in Australia, with multiple data centre sites in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland you can rest assured your data is kept safe and onshore.

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